New Year, New Hot Dogs

*Peeks out from under a rock*

I’ve had this post in draft for quite literally the past three months, but something always came up… like buying a house, moving, unpacking, attempting redecorating, starting a new job (sort of), getting ready for the holidays, driving to/from NJ, not being able to use certain words at work (jk… but seriously…). I’ve learned that 1.5ish major life events in three months is draining.

January 1 seems like a good a time as any to update this, reflect on the year, and think about what I want to improve upon in this year.

First, a reflection…

Honestly, 2017 had a lot more lows than highs. We’ve got the obvious political climate that makes my working atmosphere a bit… tense. Besides that, 2017 for me was shaped by loss. In the span of six months we lost four close friends and family, and by the end of September we were both physically and emotionally drained. However, I’m grateful that by both chance and design we were able to spend time (and in some cases say goodbye) with them shortly before their passing. I think that’s another reason why I’ve been so quiet the past three months, just trying to get my head back in the right place.

There were some hot dog accomplishments too– mainly purchasing a house (#240), completing a crocheted blanket that may have been finished after it was supposed to be gifted (#49), an amigurumi piece (#62), reading the first three Harry Potter novels (#154-156), and volunteering at least once a month for four months (#256-257).


My first every crocheted blanket, aka my sister’s Christmas gift (which may have been a couple days late…) We both love Doctor Who and making this was a lot of fun for me. Patterns can be found here.


Finally finished! And has pretty much strengthened my resolve to never do dolls again. How can hair be so complicated? Arg.


This doesn’t count as amigurumi, but I thought it was so cute! I loved making this. River, on the other hand, wasn’t too thrilled to wear it.

Onto the new year

So then what do I want to accomplish in 2018? What do I want to improve upon?


I think a good summary of my goals is:

  1. Be more aware of my actions. I have a lot of tics and pretty bad attention issues. I’ve gotten much better at establishing routines and scheduling my time, so now I need to focus on when I feel like I’m losing time and getting distracted. Once I can identify the actions precipitating that, I can work to change them.
  2. Put down our roots. Doug and I have a lot of dreams, and we know that it’s important to have strong foundations to build upon. Now that we have a place for the long term, we can think about what we need and want for our family.
  3. Play  more! The first two seem like a lot of work, so now it’s time for play. Local travel, having fun, and focusing on our hobbies seems like good goals to strive for.

So there we go– a rough outline for 2018. Hope everyone else had a fun and relaxing New Year’s Day!


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